Our Team

The Leon team is one of the best in the business. In the last year we have had more kids medal at all the biggest events than any other school in Southern California

As a result of our kids' success, the adult program is rapidly growing as well. Come try a class for free!



So you're still not sold on us?

That's ok, let some of our students 

and parents share their experiences with you.

Whether you're looking for self defense, fitness and/or the thrill of competition, come try a class for free and see if you like it...

Our lionesses are some of the most ferocious girls you will ever come across. If you think this sport is "just for boys" - you haven't seen our girls in action.

They medal with regularity at all the biggest events. They compete against and often beat the boys!

Leon Cubs

Our kids academy is our crown jewel! We take pride in not only passing along this art of ours, but more importantly helping mold the person our youngsters will become.

There is nothing greater than watching a young shy kid unsure of him or herself become a confident individual ready to take life head on!

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Bill Tetsch


to Leon Jiu-Jitsu

        Bill Tetsch is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-
Jitsu under Master Cleber Luciano. With over 18 years of 

experience, his passion for the sport transcends through the way he teaches his classes. 

Bill genuinely cares about each student and is a dedicated coach and mentor. Whether you want to compete for medals, learn self-defense or find a way to stay in shape, Bill teaches every class to ensure each individual reaches his or her goals.